Claire Hughes Consultancy
Claire Hughes Consultancy
An objective, trusted, business confidante, Claire Hughes will be able to use her extensive experience and skills to help YOU implement effective and consistent strategies to grow your business and your staff with confidence!
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Claire Hughes Consultancy offers a complementary mix of Business Consultancy & Training Services.

Years of experience in working with Small Medium Enterprises has proven time and time again that many business owners are so busy working 'in' the business that they don't have the time to work 'on' the business. Often they can find themselves like the proverbial hamster on a wheel, and don't have the time and often the money that they initially thought that self-employment would offer.

That's not to say that they aren't busy - they get up each day and spend eight, ten or maybe twelve hours working, working, working. But for many, being busy is often dealing with the urgent but not necessarily the most important or profitable elements of the business. That means that it doesn't serve to build the business for the longer term, and for many can lead to burnout, perhaps mentally, physically and/or financially.

Through bespoke Mentoring & Training, our company helps SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) from all sectors, to develop their management skills, their people and their business, to bring about greater success and improved profitability.

Claire Hughes, who is the current Chairperson of 'Up for Business' network in Dungannon, will also demonstrate the benefits of networking and put you in touch with useful business contacts.

Claire Hughes Consultancy
Business Mentoring
"Mentoring is a relationship between two parties, where one (the mentor) gives the other (the client/mentee) guidance and support to achieve agreed objectives".
Banking & Financial Planning
Financial Management and relationship with your Bank is of critical importance to the success of any business.
Training Services
Success in business means providing the right product or service and great customer service at a price that is good for you and good for your customer.
Recommended Training
Excellent Customer Service is paramount to the success of every business.
Benefits to your company
Imagine having someone alongside you who is motivated solely to help you succeed; someone immune from but aware of company dynamics and politics;

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